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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Sir John A. Macdonald - 1893

Gore Park King St. E. & John St. N.

The Right Honourable Sir John A. Macdonald
Born in Glasgow, Scotland 11th January, 1815
Died at Ottawa, Canada 6th June 1891
Member of the Legislative Assembly of Canada 1844 until 1867,
Member of Executive Council 11th May 1847 until 10th Mar 1848, 11th Sept 1854 until 29th July 1858,
6th Aug 1858 until 23rd May 1862, 30th Mar 1864 until 1st July 1867
First Minister of the Dominion of Canada 1st July 1867 until 6th Nov 1873, 17th Oct 1878 until his death 6th June 1891
His laurels never will fade with years

Northwest Territories, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Quebec, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia Ontario

Peter de Kat
Monumental Hamilton