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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

United Empire Loyalists - 1929

McMaster University Downtown Centre Main Street E. & John St. S.

This monument is dedicated to the lasting memory of the United Empire Loyalists who, after the declaration of independence, came into British North America from the seceded American colonies and who, with faith and fortitude, and under great pioneering difficulties, largely laid the foundations of this Canadian nation as an integral part of the British Empire.
Neither confiscation of their property, the pitiless persecution of their kinsmen in revolt, nor the galling chains of imprisonment could break their spirits or divorce them from a loyalty almost without parallel.
"No country ever had such founders --
No country in the world --
No, not since the days of Abraham"
-- Lady Tennyson

The United Empire Loyalists were distinguished for their devotion to principle, for their valour in battle during the American revolution and for their loyalty and bravery in the War of 1812 - 1814 in defense of Canadian homes and hearths.
They set the stamp of their character in the institutions of this country and handed them on to succeeding generations glorified by their sacrifices, enriched by their labours and made sure by their indomitable spirit.

For The Unity of Empire
The United Empire Loyalists, believing that a monarchy was better than a republic, and shrinking with abhorrence from a dismemberment of the Empire, were willing, rather than lose the one and endure the other, to bear with temporary injustice. Taking up arms for the King, they passed through all the horrors of civil war and bore what was worse than death, the hatred of their fellow-countrymen, and, when the battle went against them, sought no compromise, but, forsaking every possession excepting their honour, set their faces toward the wilderness of British North America to begin, amid untold hardships, life anew under the flag they revered."They drew lots for their lands and with their axes cleared the forest and with their hoes planted the seed of Canada's future greatness." -- Elizabeth Bowman Spohn
Dedicated to the Glory of God Erected by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mills of Hamilton In Grateful Memory of Their United Empire Loyalists Forebears and Connections The Davis, Gage, Hesse, Howell, Mills and Willson Families Unveiled Empire Day May Twenty-Third Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Nine

Peter de Kat
Monumental Hamilton