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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


I would like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone that has helped with this project. For some it may have been a casual comment or email asking if I had seen a specific memorial. For others it may have been a phone call reminiscing about the past, or digging up an old newsletters describing an unveiling. I found a lot of information in published material at the Hamilton Public Library and Mills Memorial Library at McMaster University. Information about some of the monuments and memorials found on city property can be found on the City of Hamilton’s Web Page.

I would like to thank the following people and organizations specifically for their help in tracking down statues, monuments and memorials, providing information about them, for providing photographs, or for providing inspiration and leads.

- Brian Henley, Doug Foley, and Jeff Beer for inspirational articles and stories published in The Hamilton Spectator
- John Aikman – Educational Archives & Heritage Centre – (Preserving the history of the HWDSB)
- Geri Cote, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
- Lisa Barroso, City Clerks Division, City of Hamilton
- Special Collections Department, Hamilton Public Library
- Research Department Staff, Mills Memorial Library, McMaster University
- Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society (www.headofthelake.ca)
- The people frequenting www.waymarking.com that have found so many neat things
- Karen DeBreau, Public Affairs Department, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
- Anna Bradford, Culture and Recreation, City of Hamilton
- Rebecca Oliphant, Cultural and Recreation, City of Hamilton
- David Cuming, Planning and Economic Development, City of Hamilton
- Susie O’Hoski, Hamilton Emergency Services, City of Hamilton
- Kathy Bishop, Office of Ancaster Councilor Lloyd Ferguson
- Bob Konkle, former Chief, Ancaster Fire Dept (1985-96)
- Staff of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church
- Rev. John and Judy Smith, St. George’s Reformed Episcopal Church
- Janet Forjan-Freedman (www.HamiltonPostcards.com)
- Karen McCartney, Children’s Museum, City of Hamilton
- Patricia Smith, City of Hamilton
- Patricia Webb, Divinity College, McMaster University
- Marion Davis, U.S. Steel Canada
- Katie Walton, Siemens Canada Limited
- Gary Ostofi, H.M.C.S. Star
- Bert de Kat
- Barb de Kat & Gerry Campbell
- Dave Thielking
- Frank de Kat
- Terri Shewfelt
- Sue Hurst
- Marzena Cran
- Rob Young
- Anna Laza & Family

Belated thank you’s to Mr. VanHeerden and Mr. Morrow – High School teachers that taught me History and Geography. At the time I didn’t truly appreciate what you were teaching, but over the years I have become more interested in these subjects and have now delved into a project that has encouraged me to explore both the history and geography of Hamilton.

I would also like to thank my wife Linda, and our children Naomi and Jonathan, for allowing me all the side trips, wild goose chases, and sudden stops while driving around Hamilton in order to locate and take pictures of memorials and monuments in the city.
Peter de Kat
Monumental Hamilton